Museums in Siem reap

Siem Reap offers some interesting museums which display the history of Cambodia. They give you a clear view on the empire of Angkor but also on the destructive period of the Pol Pot regime. 


The Angkor Nantional Museum takes you back to the beginning of the civilization of Angkor. The origin of the Khmer Art, culture and architecture is display in the museum. By using multimedia technology the museum provides the visitors a full view on the legend of Angkor and makes it easy to understand. Most visitors are impressed by the galleries and the statues maintained in the museum. The museum could give you a good background about the Khmer Empire before visiting the temples. 

         Angkor National MuseumMus 1-702653


  • Location: on the road to the temples: Vithei Charles de Gaulle
  • opening hours (open daily): 
    1 May - 30 Sep: 8h30 to 18h00
    1 Oct - 30 April : 8h30 to 18h30
  • Entrance fee:
    Cambodian 3 dollar
    Foreigner 12 dollar
    Foreigner with student card 6 dollar
    Children less than 6 years free
    Children less than 1.20 m or below 12 years 50% discount   
  • Audio tour guide: available in Khmer, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Chinese and Thai for 3 dollars   
  • website:


After the Khmer Rouge was defeated, Cambodia was left with a high number of unexploded landmines spread across the country. The Cambodia Landmine Museum displays an exclusive collection of landmines, but also other weapons used during the horrible Pol Pot regime. Visitors of the museum can locate and dismantle mines in an imaginary minefield as well. On top of that, the museum runs an awareness campaign to educate and warn the local youth about landmines. They support an orphanage, a rehabilitation centre and a training facility. Althought a lot of landmines were deactivated in Cambodia, there are some areas which are still forbidden to access because of these hidden dangers. 

Landmine _museum1



To see some heavy artillery you have to visit the Siem Reap War Museum. It includes tanks, guns, rocket launchers, bombs, small arms and much more. Some of the equipment was taken from the battlefields. The museum is located on road 6 on the way to the airport. 

War -museum -1