About Me

Hello ladies and gentleman,

My name is long sokunthea ( I prefer KUNTHEA ). I'm 44years old. I am a lone son and I lived with my mom since the khmer rough regime, but now I've got a family, we have two boys and a girl and we're got member 6 peoples in family. I was born in Phnom Penh at 1972. Then I got 3 years old that time my life was through the civil war of the khmer rough 3 years 8 months 20 days ( 1975-1979 ). I moved to live in Siem reap then still same the war regime right till 1993. After that I learned English from some friends , They are teacher and guide , After then in 1998 I will to be pick up truck 's driver 2 years run the way form Siem reap to Phnom Penh,The year 2001 I worked at MONUMENT BOOKS ( book shop ) Company in Siem reap airport until 2006 I promoted to store supervisor, Until the year 2011 I resigned from my work by myself from this company ( 10 years ). And to be get personal job as the drive's van until now , After resigned I'm be came to a driver freelance of some tours in Siem reap, Now I decided to make the web site for get the customer by myself , So I will hope ladies and gentleman please join tour with my web site , I hope ladies and gentleman keep the opportunity to welcome warmly in Cambodia. At the last time I wish you all get good health and good trip, And I hope to see you and you will in join with my trip. Thanks,

Nationality : Cambodia.
Marital Status : married.
Sex : Male.
Date of birth : 07 August 1972.
Place of birth : Phnom Penh Capital of Cambodia.
I have successfully Completed basic on Computer MS-DOS,Microsoft Windows,Microsoft Word,Microsoft Excel 7.0, Khmer font, Anti - virus, From date. 29 April 2002.
1998 Driver pickup truck 3 years.
2001 working at MONUMENT BOOKS company ( book shop ) 10 years.
( Please Contact : +85512203040 )
2011 driver for tourism until nowadays .
English .Excellent speaking and writing
KHMER .Excellent speaking and writing


Current events : Sports , language , writing , reading , speaking and I would like to share my good experience to all friend .

Beside this: I have any more like my van included insurance also for 8 persons( in my van only), At the end of time I hope you will got warmly for your trip with me .( FORTE insurance ) thanks.