Angkor wat tours 3 days

Day 1: Siem Reap arrival – Floating Village – Phnom Krohm Mountain 
Welcome to Siem Reap, the provincial capital and gateway to the ancient Angkor temples. Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Angkor Archaeological Park encompasses dozens of temple ruins including Bayon, Banteay Srei and the legendary Angkor Wat. Upon arrival, Staff of Cambodia Tours from Siem Reap office will welcome you at the airport and take you to the hotel to check in. 
In the afternoon, head out of town and embark on a short cruise along Tonle Sap Lake and visit the local floating villages. In the late afternoon to watch the sunset from the foot of Phnom Krohm Mountain on the way back to your hotel in town.
Meals: None
Accommodations: Hotel in Siem Reap
Day 2: Discover Angkor Temples
Enjoy an entire day dedicated to discovering the mysterious Angkor temples. Wake before dawn and take a tuk-tuk ride to visit the jungle-entwined temple, Ta Prohm, at sunrise. Dawn is one of the most beautiful and haunting times to visit the temples, whose ancient sandstone blocks are gilded gold by the early morning rays.  Return to the hotel for breakfast then set back out on a full day temple tour.  Starting with the magnificent Angkor Wat— the largest Khmer temple and finest example of Angkorian art and architecture—, we proceed to Angkor Thom’s imposing South Gate, topped with the four serenely smiling faces of Avalokiteshvara. Next, visit Bayon temple, the Elephant Terrace and the Terrace of the Leper King.  
Enjoy the balloon over the Angkor Wat.
(Note: this services could be cancel incase of bad weather)
Meals: Breakfast 
Accommodations: Hotel in Siem Reap

Day 3: Cooking Class  in the Village - Rolous Group
Discover the secrets of authentic Khmer cuisine in a half-day cooking class. Begin with a the walk and talk along the country lanes in the village where you will learn about Cambodian vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients before returning to the classroom for a hands-on culinary experience. After dining on your creations, Cambodia Tours arrange you  the visit to some of the oldest temples in the Angkor complex. An hour drive out of town to the ancient capital of King Indravarman I (877-889), now referred to as the Rolous Group and known as the birthplace of classical Khmer art and architecture. On the way back to Siem Reap, visit a shadow puppet workshop and enjoy a traditional performance put on by the “Little Angels” orphanage and school. Return to Siem Reap in the late afternoon. 
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch 
Accommodations: Hotel in Siem Reap  
Day 4: Kulen Waterfall– Banteay Srei – Preah Khan Temple
This is interesting day of Cambodia Tours with nice drive out of the city and a visit to an interesting temple Preah Khan.

  1. Enjoy breakfast at the hotel then set off to the tranquil countryside around Kulen Mountain—the Khmer Empire’s capital in the early 9th century. Here


Day 1:
8:00 am we are going to buy the ticket angkor pass.Angkor thom-the word'slargest city in the 12th by road to victory gate of angkor thom, the temple terrace of the leperking you can stop briefty see an iimpossing statue found in bayon which is now displayed at Vihear prampeilveng.
Begin againat the atmospheric preah palilay and walk ( 1km ) through the shaded parkland bihind the terrace, and the imposing Bapun to finally reach Jayavarman's state temple of Bayon at the centre of the city. Explore this important temple with it's many captivating gaint stone face.your guide will piont out the most interesting. The Elephant terraceand the terrace of the leper king. We'll contiue to visit Phimean Akas temples then onwards to see other temple.The Takeo temple, where a climb to the top is rewarded by an expansiver view over srrounding forest (a ware steep steps ), After this temple we have few hours get lunch. After temple in forest as ta prohm temple as the tomb raider temple with huge trees growing over ancient temple walls, we can see the ta prohm take your time to walk through temples from the west entrace to the east entrance and meet the driver a gain ( walk 1-2 km ) only. After this temple if we have any time to see srah srong pool and Banteary kdei temple, then we back to see the School artisan d'angkorit make the wood carving and stone by hand then back to your hotel. Thanks,

Day 2:

8:00 am we will go to see kbal spean hill to see carving stone on the hill , ( it around 45 km ), the we'll be back to seeBanteary sei ,Landmine , and Banteary samre temple in afternoon ,across ancient reservoirs ,through pretty villages to Banteary srei ( 37km ) from Siem Reap.this beautiful pink sandstone temple is will known, 

Land mine museum,field with a collection of ordinances and other old weapons used from civil war and now run by a former Khmer Rouge child soldier,Mr.AKIRA ( pay your own )

On your way back to town visit the temple of Banteary samre , built in a similar style to Angkor wat , we take a walk through to stone lions and Naga balustrades . At the evening time you can see the show apsara dancing , ( pay your own ) .

Day 3:

5:00 am Angkor wat sunrise and exploration ,A sunrise tour starts pre-dawn with Mini van ride to see Angkor wattemple, the best place for photography. Explore the central complex and bas-reliefs of Angkor wat few hours.

we will go to see Beng mealea it's ruin temples, through to be a blueprint for Angkor wat, and building under the control of suryavarman II, this temple is distances 68km from Siem reap(ticket $5/person ).Then we will explore the Rolous Group on the way back Siem reap town .

Lolei temple with the Buddhist temple Preah Ko temple and Bakong temple,Then back to Siem Reap for lunch or you can choose lunch before these temples (use temple pass ).

So after these we’ll do something a bit different in the afternoon - taking a trip to the Floating Village on the Great Lake of Cambodia to see peoples,hospitals,schools,communities, fish and crocodile farms.


( Not included foods & ticket )

       Option Price 3 Days:
*English speaking Driver
*A/c Car =USD 155
*A/c Van = USD 186 ( included insurance )
*English speaking tour guide
*Car & tour Guide = USD 245
*VAn & tour Guide = USD 276 (included insurance )
*( Included cold water )


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